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Large Hypebeast GrailCrate


GrailCrates only include the most hyped and sought after Hypebeast Clothing Items.

The Large Hypebeast GrailCrate can contain items from only the most Hype brands including: Supreme, Bape, Kith, Palace, Off-White, OVO & VLONE. Each Hypebeast Mystery Box is guaranteed to come with a Hype Clothing Item and a Hype Accessory.

The number of items you receive in your GrailCrate will remain a mystery, however we make it our goal to always get you the best value. The value on every GrailCrate will always be equal or greater to the retail price of the mystery box.

Every item is authenticated by our team ensuring that every item is 100% Authentic! The condition on every item in your GrailCrate will always be 9/10 or higher! This means that every item in your mystery box will have absolutely no flaws.